Promised Land: A land flowing with milk and honey (Note: roll with your mouse over questionmarks for images)
This unique text-based game will take you into history. The Israelites who just came out of the desert now finally settle in the land of Canaan. The land has a bright future because God stands on there side.

In this game you are a man of the Israelites, you are the head of a familiy. You will start working on the fields. You will need workers. These workers will become part of your small community. They will work at your own bought lands and will be able to seed, water, remove weeds and harvest crops. Your workers will gain experience so they will be become more efficient. While these workers are in your community you need to give them rest and food to keep your workers happy.

In this unique game, your ranking does not depend on money or something, but on the happiness of your community. If you have a big happy community you will be high ranked.

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